Old Navy Sweater, Old Navy Scarf, J.Crew Vest, Mossimo Leggings, Hunter Boots, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Madewell Ring (bottom), Vintage Rings (top three)

 Someone asked me where I bought this sweater last Saturday. And I couldn’t have been more excited to tell them that I found it at Old Navy. It’s one thing to be asked where you bought something (automatic compliment), but it’s a whole other story when you can tell them that you found it at a super affordable store. I mean, who doesn’t like sharing a good deal? In this particular case, I even went so far as to tell her which store – and on what rack! This was before I remembered that stores oftentimes switch up their floor layouts. If you’re reading this Starbucks girl – it’s on the right hand side on the third rack from the front. As of last week that is.