How cute is my mom? Writing her love for dressed and fed – in 12 degree temps nonetheless. xoxo

Even though it was a holiday I was inexplicably melancholy this past Monday. Not even a few peppermint patties (ok maybe six) could bring me out of the doldrums. It happens to the best of us, right? I looked for subtle ways to lighten my mood and change my current state of mind. What I discovered is that it only takes a small number of people, places, or things to make my day a little brighter. With that said, I decided to create a reoccurring post that will include a brief glimpse at the current objects and happenings that bring a smile to my face – and hopefully yours!

A sign that I can’t wait to bake Valentine’s confections

Cute, colorful whisk from Anthropologie and new reading/baking material

A sisterly shopping trip to Madewell last weekend – our first but certainly not our last stop at South Coast Plaza