There’s no secret that I have a serious addiction to candles. And there’s no limit as to where I’ll buy them…Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, Bath and Body Works, the grocery store (yes, they have some good smelling ones too!). And during this time of year what better way than a candle to make your place smell as if you’re baking gingerbread men, simmering hot chocolate on the stove, or cutting down a balsam tree? Well, I’ve never done the latter but I’d imagine that’s how it’d smell. Now that the holiday season is among us I can guarantee you I’ll be sticking my nose in every candle that reads holiday, pine, chestnut, or something roasted between now and the end of the year. These ones in particular are especially delightful.

  1. Laura Mercier warm roasted chestnuts, $42
  2. Bath and Body Works winter night, $19.50
  3. Jo Malone roasted chestnut deluxe candle, $130
  4. Tory Burch holiday candle, $45
  5. Nest holiday classic candle, $32
  6. Diptyque epinette holiday candle, $68